-BC- 1SG
-TI- Spiritual Gifts. Volume 1
-CN- 29
-CT- A Firm Platform
<SB Chapter XXIX. <EB

<SB A Firm Platform. <EB

-PR- 02
-PG- 168
I saw a company who stood well guarded and firm,
and would give no countenance to those who
would unsettle the established faith of the body.
God looked upon them with approbation. I
was shown three steps--one, two and three--the
first, second and third angels' messages. Said
the angel, Woe to him who shall move a block,
or stir a pin in these messages. The true
understanding of these messages is of vital
importance. The destiny of souls hangs upon the
manner in which they are received. I was again


brought down through these messages, and saw
how dearly the people of God had purchased
their experience. It had been obtained through
much suffering and severe conflict. Step by
step had God brought them along, until he had
placed them upon a solid, immovable platform.
Then I saw individuals as they approached the
platform, before stepping upon it examine the
foundation. Some with rejoicing immediately
stepped upon it. Others commenced to find
fault with the laying of the foundation of the
platform. They wished improvements made,
and then the platform would be more perfect,
and the people much happier. Some stepped
off the platform and examined it, then found
fault with it, declaring it to be laid wrong. I
saw that nearly all stood firm upon the platform,
and exhorted others who had stepped off to
cease their complaints, for God was the
master-builder, and they were fighting against him.
They recounted the wonderful work of God,
which had led them to the firm platform, and
in union nearly all raised their eyes to heaven,
and with a loud voice glorified God. This
affected some of those who had complained, and
left the platform, and again they with humble
look stepped upon it.