Why are dried cooked beans a poison to Ellen White? Perhaps unknowingly they are poisoning to us all!

The facts are that the Bible teaches us that we are afflicted with parasitic poisoning worms, like an "asp".
Job 20:14 - [Yet] his meat in his bowels is turned, [it is] the gall of asps within him.

When a child I had a mexican jumping bean, which actually had a worm in it, that when it became warm or hot would jump snap and make the bean move.

Apparently, these dried beans have a lot of ingredients that are of particularly good nutrition for the parasites.

In the transverse colon are the brain reflex nerves. When nests of ascaris, and string worms develop there, beans are a particularly good nutrition, the dried cooked beans, for the worms, and they thrive in them.

So when we eat beans, dried, cooked, we receive nitrogen, ammonia, and phytic acid from these hibernating seeds.

When soaked in water, beans begin the atomic explosion of sprouting using these explosive gases to begin the transfer from hibernation, to sprouting into plants, using as energy these gases.

But these gases when we eat these dried, hibernating, unsprouted beans, are harmful to our bodies, and in particular the mind.  These gases have a "bean-numbing" effect upon our minds, as well as creating stasis in our colon, as the parasites love these beans.

So beans should first be sprouted, then cooked, if one desires to eat beans, to avoid the damaging effects upon the human metabolism of the gases stored in the hibernating beans.