-TI- Ellen G. White Volume 4 The Australian Years 1891-1900
-CN- 24
-CT- The Avondale School--Working Toward the Target Date
-PR- 01
-PG- 292

These diseases will be treated by the most approved methods
of hygiene, hydrotherapy,
electrotherapy, massage, manual
Swedish movement, diet, et cetera.
Electric baths, electric
vapour baths
, sitz baths, salt glows, hot packs, wet sheet packs,
massage, et cetera, can be had.--BE, Jan. 11, 1897, and
throughout the year.


-BC- 19MR
-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Nineteen
-CN- 1413
-CT- Personal News; Love for James White, and Expressions of Strong Confidence
in Him
-PR- 01
-PG- 367

I am now suffering some with my lungs on account of cold. I took an
electric bath last night and slept at the institute.


-BC- 1888
-TI- The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials
-CN- 31
-CT- Diary Entries
-PR- 04
-PG- 270

Visited Henry Miller and had some talk with him that I think was
profitable. Called and saw where Mary Stewart was at work, preparing in
books all that I have written which has been put into print.
At seven p.m.
took electric bath
. Visited Aunt Mary. Listened to the reading of
manuscript for Volume I.


-BC- 1888
-TI- The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials
-CN- 111
-CT- Diary Entries
-PR- 04
-PG- 887

<SU Battle Creek, January 23, 1891 <EU
I went to the sanitarium for treatment. The
electric bath I hoped
would be beneficial to me. I am sick. I cannot eat anything. My stomach
will not take care of food. My physical strength is exhausted. I seem to
have no deposit in the bank from which to draw. It seems now it would take
but little to put out the lamp of life. But I am not anxious now to sleep


in the grave, because I have more work to do. I have a message to bear to
the people. I am much troubled. The work is being swayed in wrong lines.
There is a spirit of, "I will not yield, I will not give up that my way
is wrong."


-BC- 7MR
-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Seven
-CN- 443
-CT- Ellen G. White Letters--The Sacred and the Common
-PR- 01
-PG- 118

Our electric battery, which has been out of repair, is now in working
order; and what relief it brings in sickness! Just as the prunes were ready
to pick, Brother James was seized with an attack of what he calls lumbago. He
had severe pains in his back, and could neither stand straight, nor bend down
far enough to unlace his shoes. Sara gave him
electricity, Sister James
helping where she could. But Sister James was afraid of the
battery, and
would not touch the sponges. At first Brother James could hardly endure the
application of the
electricity, but Sara persevered, and wonderful relief
came to him. He now thinks that
electricity is a marvelous remedy. After the
first application, he was able to walk straighter than he had been able to
for days, and he continued to improve. Sara has given him
electricity three
times a day, and he has been able to keep at his work.


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