-PT- Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 06-04-89
-AT- Constant Attainment Essential to Christian Life
-PR- 12
In the time of the Saviour, the Jews had so covered over the precious
jewels of truth with the rubbish of tradition and fable, that it was
impossible to distinguish the true from the false. The Saviour came to clear
away the rubbish of superstition and long-cherished errors, and to set the
jewels of Elohim's word in the frame-work of truth. What would the Saviour do if
he should come to us now as he did to the Jews? He would have to do a similar
work in clearing away the rubbish of tradition and ceremony. The Jews were
greatly disturbed when he did this work. They had lost sight of the original
truth of Elohim, but The Messiah brought it again to view. It is our work to free the
precious truths of Elohim from superstition and error. What a work is committed
to us in the gospel! An angel's pen could not portray all the glory of the
revealed plan of redemption. The Bible tells how The Messiah bore our sins, and
carried our sorrows. Here is revealed how mercy and truth have met together
at the cross of Calvary, how righteousness and peace have kissed each other,
how the righteousness of The Messiah may be imparted to fallen man. There infinite
wisdom, infinite justice, infinite mercy, and infinite love were displayed.
Depths, heights, lengths, and breadths of love and wisdom, all passing
knowledge, are made known in the plan of salvation.