-PT- Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 03-18-84
-AT- A Sabbath Reform Needed
-PR- 08
Yahweh has a controversy with his professed people in these last days.
In this controversy men in responsible positions will take a course directly
opposite to that pursued by Nehemiah. They will not only ignore and despise
the Sabbath themselves, but they will try to keep it from others by burying
it beneath the rubbish of custom and tradition. In churches and in large
gatherings in the open air, ministers will urge upon the people the necessity
of keeping the first day of the week. There are calamities on sea and land:
and these calamities will increase, one disaster following close upon
another; and the little band of conscientious Sabbath-keepers will be pointed
out as the ones who are bringing the wrath of Elohim upon the world by their
disregard of Sunday.

-PT- Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 02-10-91
-AT- Sermon at Otsego (Concluded)
-PR- 10
It is possible for men to make changes in their life, to put away this
or that indulgence in sin, and apparently to become believers, while yet at
heart they are as destitute of the love of Messiah as is the veriest sinner.
There is but one way to heaven, and it requires the consecration of all the
powers of the mind, of all the affection of the soul, to Messiah, by whom we
have peace with Elohim. It is not enough to be conscientious in your belief and
practice: a man may be conscientious in bending his footsteps in a path that
does not lead to heaven. That he is sincere does not prove that he is right.
The sincere motives of his heart will not serve to change error into truth.
Paul was conscientious in his persecution of the early believers; but his
conscientious zeal in a bad cause did not sanctify his actions, and bring him
into favor with Elohim. He believed that he was doing Elohim service. But "he that
trusteth in his own heart is a fool." We must test our conscience by the word
of Elohim. I tell you in fear and love, We must obey Elohim's words, and work the
works of Elohim, having the mind of Messiah, if we would be approved workers
before him.

-PT- The Signs of the Times
-DT- 03-04-86
-AT- The Sin of Presumption
-PR- 09
Those who are loyal to Elohim, keeping all of his commandments, will meet a
spirit of opposition similar to that which David encountered. Learned men,
proud and boastful in their supposed superiority, will feel, as did Goliath,
to despise the little band who are loyal to Elohim. Many of these never
graduated from a college; but, with the Bible in their hands, they stand in
defense of the truth of Elohim, and vindicate His Sabbath, which has been
trodden beneath lawless feet. But Yahweh can make His strength perfect in
man's weakness. If, like David, men will forget self, and seek to honor Elohim
and to vindicate His Name and His Truth, He will work mightily with them, and
crown their efforts with success. But there are many who take the glory to
themselves if the work of Elohim is prospered in their hands. They become proud
and self-sufficient, and flatter themselves that their success is owing to
their own superior abilities. Prosperity would often prove the ruin of the
one thus honored of Yahweh. Our compassionate Father in Heaven pities the
weakness of our nature, and bears long with our follies. If this were not the
case, He would not have given His Son to come to a fallen world and bear the
buffetings and temptations of Satan, that he might show men how to overcome.

-BC- 10MR
-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Ten
-CN- 839
-CT- Keeping the Sabbath on a Round World
-PR- 03
-PG- 342
Here is a day given, and Yahoweh declares it shall be observe
throughout your generations "for a perpetual covenant" (Ex. 31:16), as a
sign of obedience and loyalty to Elohim, and yet it is so obscured no one can
tell when it comes! Oh, what fallacies men will resort to in order to carry
out false theories. Yahoweh pronounced His blessing upon all who keep holy
the Sabbath day. His commandments are given to a thousand generations, and
when that period is ended the redeemed host shall be in the city of Elohim and
observed the Sabbath there, and especially come up to worship Elohim from
Sabbath to Sabbath and from one new moon to another. (Isa. 66:23.)-- Ms. 173,
1897, pp. 4, 5. (Diary, June, 1897.)

White Estate
Washington, D. C.
March 25, 1981


-BC- 3SP
-TI- The Spirit of Prophecy Volume Three
-CN- 16
-CT- In the Upper Chamber
<SB Chapter XVI. <EB

In the Upper Chamber.

-PR- 01
-PG- 216
When the disciples arrived at Jerusalem they
entered the eastern gate, which was open on festal
occasions. The houses were dark and silent, but
they made their way through the narrow streets
by the light of the rising moon. They knew
that they would find their brethren in the
memorable upper chamber where Jesus had spent the
last night before his death. Here the disciples
had passed the Sabbath in mourning for their
Lord. And now they had no disposition to
sleep, for exciting events were being related
among them. Cautious hands unbarred the door
to the repeated demand of the two travelers;
they entered, and with them also entered Jesus,
who had been their unseen companion all the